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Are you ready for clarity around your business finances?

Are you ready for peace of mind knowing that the bookkeeping is being handled in the background?

Are you ready for real financial data that will help you make business decisions with confidence?

If you answered yes to any of those, then keep reading!

take your business finances to the next level? 

Are you ready to...

Our specialization in real estate bookkeeping. With my background and my team’s extensive training in bookkeeping for realtors and investors, we have a deep knowledge of the complexities of the industry. This is especially important for Realtors who have investment properties or teams of agents working underneath them.

We go above and beyond for accuracy with our bookkeeping. Before we finish out each month, we’ll ask about any unclear transactions to ensure they are recorded properly. At year-end, we review detailed reports internally, and with our clients, to confirm accuracy before submitting documents to the tax preparer.

I am AVAILABLE to our clients. I have built a competent team to support me in the regular bookkeeping tasks in order to free up my own availability for client communication, relationship nurturing, and day-to-day requests or issues. Hiring a firm that provides a team ensures your bookkeeping will always be done and your reports will be submitted on time.

while there are plenty of great bookkeepers out there, there are a few things that separate us from the others

Why choose Summer Dove Bookkeeping...

You will now have all the important financial data you need in order to make business decisions with confidence

We will help you identify your profit and cashflow  to help you determine how much you can afford to pay yourself from the business

You get an additional member on your team (me!) to celebrate alongside you and answer any questions along the way

No more feeling stressed at tax time because you will know your books have been kept up-to-date all year long

You will know exactly where your money has been spent and have a pulse on the financial health of your business

You can focus on more important things in your business because we take the tedious task of bookkeeping off your plate

...finally have financial clarity, confidence, and peace of mind through done-for-you bookkeeping

Imagine if you could...

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Reviews & Consultations


Clean-Up Projects


Monthly Bookkeeping

investment Starts at $420/month

ongoing monthly support

Monthly Bookkeeping

  • Transaction categorization
  • Account reconciliation
  • Invoice and receipt matching
  • Financial Reporting
  • Reliable support and responsiveness
  • Report review calls
  • Tax prep and communication with CPA
  • If no books have been established, this will also include a QBO account setup. 
  • This service is typically required before any monthly bookkeeping services can be performed for new clients. 
  • This is calculated as a percentage of an estimated monthly rate. 

investment varies based on scope

one-time project to bring books current from last filed tax return

Clean-Up Projects

investment varies based on scope

one-time written feedback 

Diagnostic Review

  • We’ll take a look under the hood and give written feedback on the current status of your bookkeeping with recommendations for accuracy and compliance. 
  • These range from $200-700 depending on complexity

investment is $150

one hour call

1:1 Intensive Bookkeeping Consultation

  • We'll dive into your current bookkeeping setup up to answer questions
  • QBO software training
  • Advise on our best bookkeeping practices
  • Identify any processes to implement for efficiency and compliance

Want to see if we're the right fit?

- Ariel C. 

Kelly and her team have made it easy for me to stay organized and on top of my business' finances

It's been a huge relief to know that I don't have to do this on my own, and that they are working for my business's success. I appreciate the excellent, reliable communication and my accountant raves about how clean everything is with them handling my bookkeeping!

- ben B. 

Having been a beneficiary of her bookkeeping acumen for years, I’m confident that she is the thoughtful, structured, trustworthy partner any organization needs to remain successful

Kelly is an outstanding financial and organizational resource

- Emily T. 

It has been a huge relief to have Kelly take over my bookkeeping for my business. She is helpful, organized, and kind. I highly recommend!

Kelly is great!

Frequently Asked Questions

A Scope of Services is customized to each client based on their bookkeeping and payroll needs. Your Proposal and Engagement Letter describe in further detail the Scope and Terms of services. 
We do not provide tax return preparation or filing services, nor do we provide A/R, A/P, sales tax or inventory tracking services. You can find more information on what to expect HERE.

What is included in my services?

We will use Google Drive to securely share documents throughout our engagement. We also request read-only access to all accounts for which it is available, for easier statement retrieval. LassPass is also an option for secure login access. Receipt storage & organization is the responsibility of the client, however, we will match receipts that you upload into QBO to the corresponding transactions.

How do I share my documents with you?

The initial invoice for preliminary tasks and first month of services must be paid before we can get started. (A 50/50 payment plan option may be available.) For ongoing bookkeeping, we will draft your monthly payment on the 1st of each month via ACH bank draft. No time commitment is required, however, we require 14 days' notice for cancellation of services. No refunds will be provided for work performed.

What are the payment terms?

Our work is entirely dependent on information provided by you! Initial project completion timeline will depend on receipt of documentation and complexity of project. We will communicate with you as we go! Monthly clients can expect reports to be delivered by the 15th of each month, if all information has been supplied in a timely manner.

When will I receive my reports?

No need to worry! We will clean it up!! Anytime we work with a new client, we always begin our work based on the date of the last filed tax return (i.e., if you have filed your 2022 taxes, we will begin with January 1, 2023) and we will clean up any work already performed since that start date. If you do not have any bookkeeping established, we’ll set up a new QBO account for you and customize it specifically for your business!

What if my bookkeeping is a total mess?

Our firm exclusively works in Quickbooks Online. This software allows you to add us as an Accountant User to access and manage your company’s books. If you are currently using QB Desktop, another software (like Xero or Sage) or a spreadsheet for your bookkeeping, we will migrate you over to QBO as part of our preliminary tasks.

How will you access my books? 

Nope! Although we do ONLY work with service-based businesses with similar bookkeeping setups. 

Do you only work with Realtors? 

YES! We understand that many Realtors also take on investment projects and/or rental properties for additional income and the added tax benefits. Bookkeeping for those properties is the BEST way to make sure you tax advantage of those benefits! Part of our real estate specialization includes a deep understanding of the complexities of REI bookkeeping. Depending on your number of investments, we can likely track them all alongside your real estate sales income in one QBO account.

I’m a Realtor and I also have investment properties. Can you do the books for both? 


...with all of the peace of mind and financial clarity required to take your business to the next level!

Your best year yet...