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Welcome to  Summer Dove Bookkeeping. I'm so glad you're here! It's time you have the financial clarity required to make your business decisions with confidence.

helping  high-earning Realtors gain financial clarity, confidence, and peace of mind through done-for-you bookkeeping

At Summer Dove Bookkeeping we specialize in real estate bookkeeping, primarily supporting Realtors with $7M+ in annual sales ($200k+ in annual commission).
We’ve built a team that understands the demands and complexities of managing finances in the real estate industry. Our goal is to empower you with accurate financial insights, streamlined processes, and expert guidance, so you can focus on growing your business!

Ready for Financial Clarity?

It's time you had some peace of mind, knowing your bookkeeping is being handled in the background by a team of experts

Are you ready to stop feeling stressed thinking about your bookkeeping, and instead be armed with the financial data necessary to make business decisions with confidence?  Because it is time to start treating your real estate business like the business that it is!

Books that are kept up-to-date all year so there is no scrambling to catch up at tax time

We provide a “Digital Tax Package” for your tax preparer with year-end documents to make the process a breeze

Monthly report package that gives a clear picture of where your money has been spent and the health of your business

The tedious task of bookkeeping is taken off your already full plate so you can focus on the work you love to do

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Hi, I’m Kelly! I’m the owner of Summer Dove Bookkeeping. I’m a summer-lover, Enneagram 9, wife of a hobby enthusiast, and “Mama” to three wild, little boys. We are nestled up in the mountains of Northeast TN, where we love to play outside and explore our beautiful terrain. I love my family fiercely and I travel quite a bit to visit them all over the country.

I adore working with my real estate clients because I used to be a licensed Realtor myself! After some time as a SAHM, I took a part-time bookkeeping position at my church in 2017. I picked up a freelance client in 2020 somewhat “by accident,” and this unlocked a new passion in me! In January of 2021, I launched Summer Dove Bookkeeping and I’ve been blessed to work with dozens of Realtors, REI business owners, and other service-based solopreneurs since then!

Consider me your financial sidekick, giving you peace of mind through financial clarity, and cheering you on every step of the way


your new bookkeeping

- Caleb W. 

Summer Dove Bookkeeping has forever changed the way our small business is run!

We focus on factual numbers and keep a clean record of all transactions/equities for the future growth. The constant communication is efficient and effective.

- seth J.

Kelly at Summer Dove Bookkeeping has been an amazing resource for my business! 

I have been able to focus more on my business and family without having to worry about constantly keeping track of expenses and logging data. Kelly is easy to work with and the reports I receive are professional and informative. I highly recommend her!

- Andrea S. 

Kelly has been so helpful and I never thought I'd be so excited to hire a bookkeeper!

I was so impressed with how organized and thorough she was during the onboarding process and her automations made it so clear about what to expect from her and what she needed from me. I love that she has been so good about communication since we started and offers zoom calls so she can answer any questions. I absolutely love my partnership will Kelly and she's really helping me and my business be more successful. Thank you for everything!

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