I’m Kelly, the owner of Summer Dove Bookkeeping! 

I have a passion for helping high-earning Realtors gain financial clarity, confidence, and peace of mind through done-for-you bookkeeping. 

I adore working with my real estate clients because I used to be a licensed Realtor myself! I ENJOY talking and building relationships with my clients and am proud of the fact that my team is always on-time and thorough in our work.

here's the scoop on me.

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My journey didn't always make sense at the time, but now I know it led me right where I was meant to be.

When I graduated from Tennessee Tech University with a degree in Accounting in 2011, I already knew that “Big 4 or Bust” life wasn't for me. So I ventured into the mortgage lending industry and later got my Real Estate license. 

As my family grew, I set down my career as a Realtor and joined the SAHM club. During my time at home, I started working part-time as the bookkeeper for my church.

Surprisingly, I found so much fulfillment in using my strengths and degree to provide value to my church community. 

so many chapters led me here...

So how did I get here?

In 2020, a friend with a small home inspection business approached me for help getting his books caught up for tax filing. What started as a favor for a friend turned into a genuine passion for assisting others with their financial needs. 

In January 2021, I obtained my QBO ProAdvisor certification and launched Summer Dove Bookkeeping and we have since been so fortunate to support 30+ small businesses across several industries. But Real Estate has stayed near and dear to my heart along the way. 

Thanks to my years as a Realtor, I’ve been able to build a team that understands the demands and complexities of managing finances in the real estate industry. Our goal is to empower you with accurate financial insights, streamlined processes, and expert guidance, so you can focus on growing your business!

my passion was ignited...

I love to

Dress up for events & dance

Favorite activities

Game Night & Mountain Biking

coffee of choice

Only hot coffee for me!

I enjoy spending time with

My family & friends

Land or sea

Any body of water!

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Mexian & Margs

Fun Facts About me!

I, just like many of the Realtors I work with, did NOT know how to manage my finances like a business, did not separate business funds from personal, and did not have any idea what my bottom line profitability was.

I was truly just winging it.

And that is how so many of my Realtor clients come to me. They’ve just been winging it. And I get it. And now that I know what I know, I’m able to guide my clients in re-designing their setup, changing their mindset, and understanding their business on a whole new level.

I DIDN’T see myself as a business owner 

My time as a Realtor wasn't a huge success...

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