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This customizable Google Sheet* spreadsheet includes everything you need as a solopreneuer or new start-up to stay on top of your books and tax prep in one place without the expensive software.

The ultimate DIY tool for solopreneuers and new start-ups!

DIY Profit Tracker

not quite ready for a monthly bookkeeper?

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This will be a game-changer!

And it will cost you just a fraction of what you would pay for an accounting software.

This is for those of you who have a small business with income and expenses to track but you don’t have enough transactions or profit to justify the high costs of bookkeeping software or services just yet.

This is for the folks with a side-hustle or a hobby that has transformed into a revenue stream and now you need to get organized to manage your cash flow and file your taxes.

Have less than 150 transactions per month

Track their income and expenses on a cash-basis

Will file a Schedule C with their 1040

Provide a service OR already have appropriate tracking systems in place for their products

Do not have W2 employees

Need basic tracking of income, expenses, profit/loss, owners draws, & mileage

Who is this for?

The DIY Profit Tracker is an ideal tool for solo-preneuers and/or new startup businesses who:

- This could include freelance writers, photographers, coaches, designers, Realtors, consultants, inspectors, the list goes on…

yes this is me!

Here's what you get

Your own copy of a pre-formatted, customizable Google Sheet 

Customizable account categories

Detailed income and expense tracking

At-a-glance profit tracking

Running monthly, quarterly, and YTD Profit & Loss Reports

Mileage log & deduction calculator

Estimated quarterly tax worksheet


How-To Demo Video

Email support from yours truly

this is exactly what i need!

- kara

I must say this DIY Profit Tracker tool has been a game changer for my husband's business!

I have never been able to navigate Excel very well but the tool is set up with easy to understand tabs and descriptions. Every single transaction your business may have, whether its uniforms, meals, materials, office supplies, income or mileage, it is easily tracked in monthly tabs. You can even create your own transaction descriptions if there is not one available. You can see profit/loss/deductions for each month. My favorite page is the quarterly report page that helps determine your estimated quarterly taxes and your profit/loss at a quick glance. This was extremely helpful to do a quick check and balance approach and make sure we were on the right track. 

If you are looking for a user friendly method to track profit/loss for your business, I highly recommend this!

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Quickbooks Self Employed – $180/year
Xero Early – $132/year
Freshbooks Lite – $180/year
Sage Accounting Start – $120/year

My DIY Profit Tracker is available to you at a fraction of what you would pay for an accounting software.

Invest in yourself...

You can get my DIY Profit Tracker for a one-time investment of $49.00 

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You’ll be provided with a link to “Make a Copy” of the DIY Profit Tracker, which is a Google Sheet spreadsheet.  You will also receive the link to my Demo Video, which will explain exactly how to use your DIY Profit Tracker to it’s full potential!

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**BONUS** If you purchase the DIY Profit Tracker and use it for any amount of time, and then later decide to outsource your bookkeeping to Summer Dove Bookkeeping, we will credit the $49 purchase price to your first monthly payment! You can't beat that!

*You will need a Google Account to download and access this product.*